Yanna Ma Hair.Co

Yanna Ma Hair.Co is a beauty supply portal assisting and empowering women to take the journey to love themselves first. Under the Yanna Ma name, Esha  plans to uplift and help groom individuals to love themselves through positive Imagery in the form of self-care and beauty.. Esha has been an entrepreneur since 2017 when opened Carrie's Kidz Daycare. Through this experience Esha learned the importance of entrepreneurship and leaving a legacy for her children. As a multi-business owner, Esha wants  to be an example  that your past does not dictate your future.
 Iyanna, Esha's 14 year old daughter has shown a passion for hair and beauty for a long time now.  At a young age, she began practicing on her babydoll's hair, washing, cutting and styling it. Esha thought it was just a phase, but quickly realized that Yanna had a real talent.  At seven years old, Yanna began doing actual "clients''. She has a true love and passion for creating works of art. This passion drove Esha to make Yanna her co-founder. Together this woman and young woman will build a legacy. Yanna will learn the value of business, money, and commitment. She is building a foundation for her future before she even learned to drive. They hope their experience will encourage others to build generational wealth and  a legacy! LET THE BUILDING BEGIN!